Orange County Hit and Run Lawyer News

by Gabriel Dorman on February 28, 2013

Orange County Hit and Run LawyerToday’s Orange County Hit and Run Lawyer news involves a man who, literally, hit and ran …on foot. According to The Orange County Register, the California Highway Patrol arrested a man today after her crashed into center divider on the southbound 55 freeway just before the 17th street exit.

A CHP officer observed the man driving recklessly prior to crash then watched as the man attempted to flee the scene on foot. The man was eventually arrested but not before jumping over the center divider into the northbound lanes and attempting to flag down and stop other drivers to get in their vehicles to help complete his getaway. To make matters worse, he held up traffic for 45 minutes as all lanes were closed due to his shenanigans.

Needless to say, an Orange County Hit and Run Lawyer can be of great help in a situation like this. In California, hit and run cases have nothing to do with who may be at fault but, rather, what actions you take after the accident occurs and whether or not you stopped to exchange information as required pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 20002. As a matter of fact, many hit and run cases can be resolved civilly and without the intervention of the court or without suffering a criminal conviction.


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