Orange County DUI Lawyers Tips

by Gabriel Dorman on January 4, 2012

Orange County DUI LawyersThe first Orange County DUI Lawyers tip of 2012 is meant to provide a few simple steps as to what to do if you were one of the nearly 800 people arrested for an Orange County DUI over the New Years holiday. Your first move …the DMV and protecting your driver’s license!!!

Contacting Orange County DUI Lawyers to find the right one to help you is, of course, a must if you hope to achieve a successful result. That being said, saving your drivers license from an automatic suspension is something that is easy to do, will give you peace of mind and further allow you to focus on the very important decision of hiring the right lawyer. You have 10 days from the date of your Orange County DUI arrest to contact the DMV and request your Administrative Per Se hearing. Failure to contact the DMV and request your hearing within the 10 days will result in your license being automatically suspended 30 days after the date of your arrest. (All of this information is contained in the pink piece of paper that is provided upon your release form jail entitled “Age 21 and Older Administrative Per Se Suspension/Revocation Order and Temporary Driver License”.

So, to request your DMV Hearing you should do the following:

  1. Mark a date on your calendar 10 days out from the date of your DUI arrest so you know when your deadline;
  2. Call the DMV at the number provided on the form or the call the DMV – Irvine Driver Safety Office (if your DUI arrest is in another county you can call the driver’s safety office location for that county).
  3. Request an “in person” hearing and make a note of the date and time for the hearing. Also, make a note as to who you spoke with at the DMV and further ask if you can send them email or fax confirmation of your hearing date.)
  4. Finally, make sure you advise your Orange County DUI Lawyers of your hearing date.

Having saved your drivers license from an automatic suspension, you can now focus your attention on Orange County DUI Lawyers and hiring the right one to defend you and help you avoid a DUI conviction if possible. Here are a 10 Tips to Hiring an Orange County DUI Lawyer!


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