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by Gabriel Dorman on March 7, 2013

Orange County DUI LawyerToday’s Orange County DUI Lawyer News takes us to the city of Tustin where two drunk drivers led to the injury of a Tustin police officer. According to The Orange County Register, a suspected drunk driver crashed into a power pole early Wednesday morning on the 13000 block of Red Hill Avenue. About an hour later at 2:20 a.m., a Tustin police officer who was blocking traffic in his patrol car during the accident investigation was struck by a second suspected drunk driver and injured. Both drivers were arrested for DUI. The condition of the injured officer is still unknown at this time.

According to the report, this is not the first DUI for the driver who crashed into the pole having prior Orange County DUI convictions in 2005 and 2008. As for the second driver, it is unknown if he has any prior DUI convictions. At the very least he may be charged with a felony DUI with injury. It’s also worth noting that in California, if you have a prior DUI conviction, and you continue to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and in the process you hit and kill someone, you can, and mostly likely will, be charged with murder under what is know as the “Watson” rule or “Watson Murder” rule.

An experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer is critical to building a solid DUI defense and navigating the highly technical nature of DUI cases. The penalties of a DUI, especially multiple DUIs or a DUI causing injury, can be quite severe. Achieving a successful result begins with hiring a qualified Orange County DUI attorney.


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